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Is Online Shoulder Physio As Good As Face To Face?

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Shoulder pain is common in society, with 7%–27% of the adult population experiencing shoulder pain at any one time.  Of first episode shoulder pain clients, 50% will continue to have symptoms 18 months later, making shoulder pain the third most common reason for primary care consultation, after back and neck complaints.  All the more reason to get an accurate and effective shoulder assessment and treatment by an experienced shoulder physiotherapist. … Read More »Is Online Shoulder Physio As Good As Face To Face?

Taking Post Op Shoulder Physiotherapy Online

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Online Shoulder Physio™️ may help to improve post-operative patient value benefits such as reduced travel burden, quick and timely access to expert post-operative shoulder health advice, flexible exercise hours, and the possibility to better integrate upper limb skills into activities of daily living. Traditionally, physiotherapy and post-operative exercises to recover shoulder joint range of motion, muscle strength, stability and function are delivered face to face inside a community-based physiotherapy clinic. … Read More »Taking Post Op Shoulder Physiotherapy Online

Reframing How We Think About & Treat Shoulder Pain Online

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You may have noticed, in your search for shoulder health information today, you have been overwhelmingly presented with biomedical information. The biomedical model of health focuses on purely biological (structural and anatomical) factors and excludes psychological, environmental, and social influences in your shoulder pain experience.   This may promote health-seeking behaviours focused on the belief there is a structural reason for your shoulder pain when increasingly we are finding research evidence… Read More »Reframing How We Think About & Treat Shoulder Pain Online