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As Good As Face to face

Luke performing an online shoulder physiotherapy consult

about us.

Online Shoulder Physio™️ consultations have almost overnight become a reality and present an alternate opportunity for patients with shoulder pain to access expert shoulder physiotherapy.

Hi, I’m Luke aka The Shoulder Guy and while COVID-19 has brought about Telehealth’s immediate evolution, the truth is I have been conducting online shoulder consultations from my Brisbane practice on & off for the last 5 years.

My experience and research have proven online physiotherapy to be as effective, if not better, than in-person care.

Advances in video consultation (telehealth) technology allows for seamless shoulder physiotherapy online consultations and follow up.

Despite the obvious drawbacks, nothing much has changed from my point of view… 

You’ll still get my No B.S. approach to helping you solve your shoulder pain problem.  Plus an opportunity to get access to my Shoulder Rehab Secrets online patient portal.  


How It Works.

"Online Shoulder Physio™️ is just as effective as face-to-face shoulder physiotherapy."
Choose Your Package

The first step to getting your shoulder pain free is to choose your shoulder health package.

Shoulder Assessment

Next, complete your pre-appointment registration, payment and shoulder pain questionnaire.

Video 1 to 1 Consultation

You'll then receive a time and unique and secure link to attend your video consultation.

Tailored Shoulder Rehab Programs

After your consult, Luke will design a Shoulder Rehab Secrets program just for you.

Take A Sneek Peek At Luke Inside The Clinic.


Our team.

I might just be the ultimate frontman, but behind me is a fantastic team.
Founder of Online Shoulder dot Physio Luke Van Every
Luke Van Every

The Shoulder Guy

Jennifer is our lovely online shoulder physio receptionist - Call now to book your video consult appointment
Jennifer Stewart

Customer Service Guru

Luke Van Every The Shoulder has teamed up with Coviu Telehealth to deliver online video shoulder physiotherapy consultations
Coviu Telehealth

See Shoulder Physio In Action >>

Cliniko Telehealth

Learn more about Video Consults >>

15 years

Shoulder Guy Physio Experience

Over 4739+

Shoulder Physio Patient Treatments

5 Star Google Reviews

Positive Patient Feedback

Now in 2020

Online Shoulder Physio™️ Consults


Online Shoulder Physio™️

It's the same... but different.

Same... But Different!

Okay, so you’re in lockdown, but that does not mean you can’t receive world-class evidence-based shoulder physiotherapy advice, education, and pain-relieving movement strategies. 


Optimized for mobile

Shoulder physiotherapy video consults work best when you have a video optimised mobile device and an internet connection or mobile plan with enough data usage to handle these calls. But the old telephone works just as good…


Our Interaction Is My Intervention

Shoulder physiotherapy is just as effective when delivered online. The most powerful intervention anyone can give is to listen, understand, reassure, and provide a pathway to self-determination. 

Our interaction is my intervention

It's not all talk you know!

Effective shoulder physiotherapy is all about proof. Hard physical proof, you are better than you think and feel, comes from getting the right muscles, doing the right things at the right time and with the right force. Building your shoulder strong also builds your confidence.


Start A Consultation Now.

Choose your online shoulder physio™️ 'shoulder health care' package...



No B.S. Online Shoulder Physio Assessment & Treatment Plan.
  • Shoulder Assessment
  • Video Consultation
  • Tailored Rehab Plan*
  • 14 Days Support*
  • Expert Shoulder Physio
  • Advice, education and pain relieving strategies that work.
Post Op



No B.S. Online Post-Op Shoulder Assessment & Treatment Plan.
  • Shoulder Assessment
  • Video Consultation
  • Tailored Rehab Plan*
  • 14 Days Support*
  • Expert Shoulder Physio
  • Advice, education and pain relieving strategies that work.



No B.S. Online Shoulder Physio Assessment PLUS Patient Portal Access.
  • All Basic Features
  • Shoulder Assessment
  • Video Consultation
  • Tailored Rehab Plan
  • Expert Shoulder Physio
  • 30 Days Free Access
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A
  • Private Forum
  • Unlimited Private Coaching with Luke

*14 days support in ‘Basic’ shoulder health plans include email, video and text message support to fast track the implementation of your shoulder rehab plan.    

*Tailored Rehab Plan – To get the most from your consultation you can upgrade ($19 USD) your shoulder health package to include an individualized, evidence-based and clinically proven ‘Shoulder Rehab Secrets’ program designed by Luke.  



"It's always reassuring to hear about a good experience from another..."

“I’d highly recommend Luke. I saw him for a long-term shoulder injury, and in one treatment session, I walked away with the tools and confidence to be pain free. Great posture advice, exercises different to a regular physio, and help with the psychological aspect of a long-term injury is what sets Luke apart.”

Rebecca Richardson

Google Reviews


Why Select Us?

"We're all about Results NOT repeat visits".
Results Not Repeat Visits

Success comes from doing things differently… Luke’s No B.S. approach and 15+ years Shoulder Guy Physiotherapy experience helps his shoulder pain patients get results, not repeat visits.


At Online Shoulder Physio™️ we never leave one of our own behind. You’ll get as much or as little support as you want for the first 14 days following your consultation. Including a summary of your consultation findings, Shoulder Rehab Secrets booklet with lessons and video exercises… all designed to help you implement your shoulder rehab secrets program fast.

Smart & Secure

The privacy and security of your information and our consultation are paramount to us in this new age of online video consultations. That’s why we have teamed up with two of the best in the business… Cliniko & Coviu.


The power of the group cannot be under-estimated, especially during these times of isolation and uncertainty. You do not have to go through this alone. We have created a safe place where you can come and share your experience, get the help you need and discover how strong and resilient you really are.


This is not some fly-by-night operation. Online Shoulder Physio™️ is here to stay and as they say, I’ve got skin in the game. As a registered Physiotherapist, and member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association,  Queensland Shoulder Society and Shoulder & Elbow Physiotherapist of Australasia… I’ll be making sure you are getting results. 


The initial and ongoing cost savings of an online consultation are significant when you take it to account all the time, effort and resources required for you to attend consultations.  The development and launch of the Shoulder Rehab Secrets™️ online patient portal will reduce your cost even further with basic shoulder health care plans starting at $47 USD per month. 

Start your shoulder pain proofing journey now


Our Blog

Find out how digital health is changing the face of shoulder physiotherapy.

Reframing the way we think about and treat musculoskeletal shoulder pain.

Our current approach to musculoskeletal shoulder pain is failing. Most persistent non-traumatic shoulder pain disorders do not have a pathoanatomical diagnosis that adequately explains the individual's pain experience and disability. We have to move from offering a 'magic' cure to providing a health management plan. This paradigm shift fits perfectly with how Online Shoulder Physio™️ is delivering shoulder health care now and into the future. Learn more...

Is Online Shoulder Physio As Good As Face To Face?
Shoulder pain is common in society, with 7%–27% of the adult population experiencing shoulder pain at any one time. Of first episode shoulder pain clients, 50% will continue to have symptoms 18 months later, making shoulder pain the third most…
Reframing How We Think About & Treat Shoulder Pain Online
You may have noticed, in your search for shoulder health information today, you have been overwhelmingly presented with biomedical information. The biomedical model of health focuses on purely biological (structural and anatomical) factors and excludes psychological, environmental, and social influences…
Taking Post Op Shoulder Physiotherapy Online
Online Shoulder Physio™️ may help to improve post-operative patient value benefits such as reduced travel burden, quick and timely access to expert post-operative shoulder health advice, flexible exercise hours, and the possibility to better integrate upper limb skills into…

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